Obtain Lacaune breeding animals

GENELEX is the organisation that manages, coordinates and markets Lacaune dairy and meat breeding stock (ewes, rams) as well as semen abroad.

How to obtain Lacaune breeding animals ?

It is necessary to apply to GENELEX specifying:

  • the category of animal required (4-5 months old ewe lambs, young rams or 2- 4 years old adult ewes)
  • the number per category
  • the destination country and region
  • date of receipt of the animals
  • the breed: Lacaune daury or Lacaune meat
  • any other useful information related to the specific order (technical or sanitary requirements)

It's essential to order as soon as possible, for example in May 2006 for delivery in May 2007.

As soon as the order is accepted by GENELEX, an advance payment is requested to ensure a firm commitment from the customer.

Following your order, details of availability and price will be sent to you.

Taking into account the numerous demands and quality requirements imposed by GENELEX, the number of available animals is limited. A quotation will be made and offered to you.

For further information, please contact :


Carrefour de l’Agriculture



Tel: 05-65-73-78-14

Email : upralacaune@race-lacaune.fr